A market and an increasingly demanding demand, makes the diversity of products focus on individual items, forming typological families. Last year was the rules. This year is the turn for the MARKERS.


Each subfamily consists of three models of markers, which are best adapted according to the target. Designed as office supplies, for school use, or for drawing professionals.

PERMANENT: Three utilities, with different tips and strokes. Suitable for all types of surfaces: plastic, metal, glass, wood, etc. Dense colors and quick drying. One with EXTRA-FINE tip, perfect for CD, the only PERMANENT of the market, that dry can be erased by friction. DUO model, two in one, less space great for school kits.

FLUORESCENTS: Three models, a variety of continuous and bright colors. Fast dry. FLUO-DUO model, the fluorescent star. Double tip, beveled and round. Wide spectrum of strokes. Suitable for all types of surfaces and perfect for highlighting different letter sizes and spacing.

FOR WHITE-BOARD: Three sizes. One for every need. From pocket to professional with double tip. Perfect strokes, extra dense colors, no odor, non-toxic (ideal schools) and soft writing.

At FLOJIM we are developing product families to expand our catalog. Because every consumer is unique and needs something special. And we want them to continue to feel special.