FLOJIM, sponsor VII Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship L’espiral

Once again FLOJIM is committed to the development and education of children. In this opportunity we collaborated in a very important event in the city of Sabadell, the VII Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship L’espiral. Not only have we put our signature, we also reward the excellence and development of our aspirants to become professionals in this discipline. And it has been a real pleasure, not only to participate, but also to discover another side of our children’s potential. The application and seriousness with which they present themselves, giving the best. Assuming gymnastics as a positive point for health and growth.

Fighting for their goals. With concentration and discipline. Values ​​that are also typical of our brand. But we have also bring them a corner so that they could give free rein to creativity. An experience that we hope to share again very soon. We thank L’espiral, organizer of the championship for giving us their confidence and opportunity to be present.