The holidays go, the routines return. And a new school period begins. If returning to work is no longer easy, in a few days it will be necessary to take the children back to school. I know, finally we will get rid of what to do with our children at home, but there is still the hardest task. Adjust the clocks, this starts again. Prepare and have everything ready. Not to mention facing that first day when we left them alone at school. The fears of the first-time, the excitement of those who return to see their friends, in any case, a revolution is coming.

We are not psychologists, so we can give little advice for this time of the year and deal with this situation. But we do know how to help you, at least, how to prepare everything you may need to return to school. From the eraser that has been spent last year, to the plasticine for the craft courses.

Product families grow, every year we have more to offer you in school issues. With new, improved references or simply expanding its variety. Everything you need, in FLOJIM® you will find. And with the quality guarantee of always.

If you have faith, God can help you, and if you have faith in us, the help will be double. In FLOJIM® we do all the best so that the return to the school be more easy, and put a good face. Surely, early rises will not cost so much.