360 days ago you were thinking about how fast the year had gone by. And that another time is already Christmas. Probably now you are thinking the same thing. The days come as a family …

Yes, this era is full of topics. The family … those who do not speak, those who talk too much. Those who are not, those who arrive late, but arrive. Those who always come with empty hands, those who bring in excess. The one who is one and sits in the corner of the table. Those who are a lot and occupy the whole house. Those who prove to have seen the 6 seasons of “MASTER CHEF”, and those who show that they can buy it made. Those who believe and those who do not believe. The one who makes great gifts, the one who makes small gifts. Those who receive ten and the one who is satisfied with one. The one who can not take off his football shirt, and the one who comes in a suit with vintage stubs. The one in the city, the one in the field. The one who shouts -primo! What a joy to see you … -, and you do not know who it is. The elderly who eat with six cutlery, and the children who do not eat. The one that praises your crockery, the one that breaks a plate of your crockery. The fun, with which everyone wants to sit when they arrive, and the one they leave sitting alone when we are about to leave. Those who provide, again and again, and those who go to mass. He who always complains that it is a pagan festival, but he eats the 12 grapes as if it were a curse not to do it. Those who open the gift at 12, those who wait until the next morning. Those who are from here, and the one who is new, 1.90 of pure Africa and who sits next to the patriarch. Those who plan everything, those who do not understand what you wanted to say with that plan. Those who sing Christmas carols, those who sing La Macarena. Those who write to Santa Claus, and those who say shi… is a “Comtal Evolution Fighting X”.

So, I could write entire pages. But for us, those of FLOJIM, there is only one topic that interests us, the one that says -it is to see the family together-, and the one that says -WHO FAMILY !!! -.

For your family, for our families, in spite of everything, we always want to do better. All together.