We are growing… Now the erasers have their own brand. Because we are learning from those who know, and after a long time of offering leading brands, now, we also include ESCRIBO-LINE® brand erasers in our catalog.

We not only learn in presentation, we also learn in quality. Imitating first-class brands, the new ESCRIBO-LINE® erasers have all the characteristics of the first brands. In composition of materials, resistance and usability.

Two types of erasers, soft (rubber bread) and hard (plastic), and in different presentations and sizes, small for children, even extra large, going through intermediate sizes, one size for each age and use. With these two characteristics we have created a new series that go on sale in blister, to sell by quantity (blister of 2, 3 or 4 erasers), or in display boxes to sell per unit. In this way we cover the entire spectrum of possibilities. Reaching a wider user target

A new objective in FLOJIM, step by step, all our products will have a registered trademark of our own. We will not leave our partners aside, we just want to be next to them, but with our own brand. Give our consumers the freedom to choose traditional brands, or choose ours, comparing quality and prices. We are sure that they will only find the difference in prices, the quality … it is guaranteed.